Wednesday, 5 December 2012


What can I say? The Russells hold a particular fascination. My Mam who is still with us after a couple of really trying years. Her dad, Jim Russell - black sheep yet an Anzac (Gallipoli and Pozieres) - youngest of 12 children born to John Russell and Hannah Tweddell; that same John Russell who founded a dynasty of Russell grocers (without realising how many others in the family turned to grocery?).

Oh, and John Russell's eldest brother Richard, born in Tholthorpe (Yorkshire), joined the army, served in exotic locations (India, South Africa, Gibraltar), married a girl from Monmouthshire, whose daughter married a bloke from Cardiff. Ernesto Luigi Garibaldi Bellisario.

The genealogist cup runneth over.  More Russells and Bellisarios to come....

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