Thursday, 29 November 2012

One more Jones and then....

There is such a thing as too many Joneses so I'll switch to another family name after this Jones

Richard the second came into the world on 20th October 1845 at the smithy at Woodside, Llananoo and. like his father, became a blacksmith. He married Mary Crowther 'according to the rites of the Particular Baptists' at Maesyrhelem Baptist Chapel between Llananno and Llanbadarn Fynydd. Just before 1881 they moved to the Smith Shop at Llandewi Ystradenni (a few miles south on the A483). They had 4 children: Annie, John, Richard (the third) and Arthur and sometime after their 5th child, William was born, Mary died. She's buried in the churchyard at Llanbadarn Fynydd.

Who knows when Sarah Mantle Lewis came into his life but she's listed as the housekeeper of Edward Morgan in Llandewi Ystradenni in the 1891 census and Ethel Lewis/Jones was born on 21 Nov 1892 and there's not much doubt that Ethel was Richard's daughter (Sarah Mantle Lewis Jones will have her very own post, believe me!).

Richard and Sarah married at Maesyrhelem on 25th June 1898, sometime after the birth of son Thomas (are the Particular Baptists more forgiving of 'sins' than any other denomination?) but before the birth of my grandfather, Pryce Jones in 1899 and they later had another son, Walter.

Richard died on 4th April 1913 at Wakefield Green near Llanbister aged 67. Cause of death was Arteriosclerosis (10 years) morbus cordis (5 years) and chronic nephritis (2 years); Sarah must have had some nursing to do! Richard was buried at Llanbadarn Fynydd with his first wife Mary. What must Sarah have felt then? More of her anon

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