Thursday, 22 November 2012

The ghost of Timothy Jones

Born probably in the 1780s, my great great great grandfatherTimothy Jones is my earliest Jones and the one I know least about (apart from my grandfather Pryce Jones but he'll appear later) so he has a sort of ghostly presence at the top of the tree.

He first appears (in research so far) getting married in Llangurig (Montgomeryshire) church on 16 January 1808 to Hannah Lewis and they were btp - both of this parish - though further poring over a distinctly indistinct microfilm viewer in the National Library in Aberystwyth failed to find any other trace of either of them.

The next time he pops up is 6 years later in the records of the parish of Dolfor, Montgomeryshire when Elizabeth, daughter of Timothy Jones, blacksmith and Hannah his wife was baptised in 23 Sept 1814. Timothy (junior) followed on 9 Apr 1818, Richard (my gg grandfather) on 5 Aug 1821, Jane on 28 Apr 1823. And then...
Anne, illegitimate daughter of Hannah Jones and James Mills was baptised on 3 Aug 1828.

Ble mae Timothy? Where is Timothy? There's no burial record for Timothy in Dolfor or even Llangurig. I can't find anything in freereg that matches. Where did he die? In Dolfor and taken somewhere else to be buried? Did he die elsewhere and get buried where he fell?

Some things I do know, he was a blacksmith; the smithy at Dolfor is still standing; at least 4 more generations of Joneses were smiths and, one of these days, I'll 'find' the real Timothy Jones.

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