Monday, 4 June 2018

Research Trip 2018 (2)

Today I headed to Powis Castle (I've just got a National Trust membership so why not?) across rural Wales which brought me up short a couple of times - hills, sharp corners, in and out of tiny market towns - quite an adventure especially as I'm both driving and navigating. 

Anyway, first up was a stop at Nantmel. St Cynllo's , Nanmel is where my 4x great grandparents, Richard Evans and Mary Francis were married on 14 April 1800. I had hopes of maybe seeing a headstone in the churchyard with some family names but although there were several from that era, none were particularly legible. 

The interior of the church was rather odd - while the church remains open (and that's a great thing) I couldn't get the lights to go on so it all seemed rather gloomy and didn't really match the exterior - see what you think:

On to Powis Castle via Forden where my 3 x great grandfather, John Morris was.  born in the 'House of Industry' (workhouse, in other words) in 1821. Sadly, I didn't see the workhouse building; this was due to not doing my homework properly and checking where the building was actually located.

I'd last visited Powis Castle in the 1960s/1970s so this was a welcome re-visit. As with most National Trust Houses, the interiors are kept gloomy (curtains closed, blinds drawn) to preserve artifacts and materials. While this is understandable, it doesn't really give the visitor an accurate idea of what it was like to live there. 

The gardens, however, are a joy. I could upload a plethora of pictures but perhaps just one will suffice for now

Shopping trip tomorrow but maybe there'll be a family history sightseeing opportunity on the way 'home'....

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